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A floral signature

In love with a nature that it likes to be generous, exuberant and a bit sophisticated, Maison Stéphane Chapelle cultivates a style that celebrates large flowers and tall plants.

His lively and poetic floral compositions exalt the marriage of subtle colors, the balance of proportions and the right assembly of textures.

Magnificent bouquets of cut flowers
Still life timeless bouquet in red and lemon green tones, painting and glassware

The choice of good taste and timelessness

The House strives to respect the rhythm of nature and supplies itself in a short circuit to favor the quality of seasonal flowers.

She cultivates a timeless and classic style, celebrating the art of good taste, moderation and the right balance, strong markers that made her famous.


Historic boutique of Maison Chapelle in a former 17th century bookseller on rue de Richelieu in Paris

Open Monday to Saturday

from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Phone: 01 42 60 65 66

Historical shop

and design studio

harvesting dahlias in the production site of luxury florists in Normandy

Production site

of the House


La Leçon de Botanique.jpg

a unique expertise


Portrait Stéphane Chapelle at the Palais Royal


Based in rue de Richelieu for nearly 25 years, Stéphane Chapelle, a florist and horticulturist by training - a rare course in the profession - is one of the greats of the Parisian market; Passionate about the profession, this native of Normandy trained in Paris with big names before settling in rue de Richelieu.


Brilliant designer of fantastic plant scenographies imagined for prestigious haute couture houses, perfumers, crystal factories, wine estates, palaces, theaters, institutions, but also maker of fabulous seasonal armfuls made for regulars in the neighborhood, Stéphane Chapelle is a complete artist, capable of giving life to the plant.

Portrait of Stéphane Chapelle with Hugh's Headflowers vase

Stéphane Chapelle has a gift for staging vegetation, his generous and instinctive floral compositions have made him famous and continue to charm a loyal clientele.


Stéphane Chapelle gives a flower arranging class with peonies in Milan


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