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Centerpieces with artistic pink floral arrangements for a prestigious wedding

Moment suspended in time, the wedding is a special day in a life, one of those moments that we wish fabulous and for which we agree to spend time and energy.

Whether you imagine it to be sophisticated, rustic, exuberant, poetic, generous, … the House listens to your way of apprehending the big day, understands your desires and transcribes them visually into a tailor-made universe that suits you.

Luxury wedding at Chateau de Chantilly


The emotion of accompanying you on D-Day

Beautiful delicate bridal bouquet for luxury wedding

Our expertise

ADVISE YOU  on a decorative theme in harmony with your universe,

CREATE SCENES and a space to bring it to life through plants

TAKE INTO ACCOUNT all the elements that have a strong visual impact



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Centerpiece elegant wedding floral arrangements

In practice 

Design of large scenography  

Realization and assembly in situ

Proposal of decorative objects, vases and containers in accordance with the project

Quote on request

Meeting at the studio

Quote on request

EXPERTISE  / Wedding

We meet, listen, and guide you towards the best choices according to what feels like you.

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