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Installation of a large floral decoration at the Grand Palais in Paris


The art of large plant stagings

EXPERTISE  / Scenography

Grand Décor, shop windows, parades, ... Maison Stéphane Chapelle masters the art of theatricalization 

Floral scenography for a Guerlain display

Our Specificity

an infrastructure capable of absorbing large projects

25 years of expertise

experienced staff

 a capacity to match decorative objects with compositions

that have made many events successful

Calling on Maison Stéphane Chapelle is the assurance of tailor-made, creative, responsive, flexible support and capable of being proactive

Arrangement of a floral scenography for an event

In practice 

Design of large scenography  

Realization and assembly in situ

Proposal of decorative objects, vases and containers in accordance with the project

Quote on request

Meeting at the studio

Quote on request


Inscrivez-vous pour être tenu au courant des activités de la Maison.

Chanel store display window with a wheat composition
Monumental floral arrangement in a Medici vase at the Petit Palais in Paris
Heart made of dried flowers for Guerlain boutique window
Monumental floral arrangement of fresh flowers at the Palace of Versailles
Gold and black tree art installation at PAD
Karl Lagerfeld Chanel fashion show with bouquets of white calla flowers
Plant scenography at the entrance to the PAD
Greening and decoration of PAD Paris
Green wall of fresh plants at the PAD
Chanel Jewelry dinner decor
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