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Florist's table with magnificent fresh colorful flowers, foliage and Saint-Louis crystal vases


An appointment with Stéphane Chapelle

EXPERTISE  / Entertainment

A passionate artist, Stéphane Chapelle is also keen to share his love for flowers and plants.

Floral arranging classes taught by talented florists

Sequence of an animation 

Reception and reception of participants.

Discussion with Stéphane Chapelle on the theme of encounters.

Realization of the composition or the floral decoration by the participants.

The meeting can be extended with an optional cocktail reception.

Magnificent bouquet of peony in a Saint-Louis crystal vase at 29 rue de Richelieu

Example of topics covered 

Make a flower arrangement

Arrange plants

Take care of the importance of plants in an interior

Thinking about the greening of a hotel

Understanding flower etiquette


Floral arranging classes taught by talented florists

Another approach to the flower

These meetings are to be imagined as an exchange, a sensory experience, a poetic immersion in the plant world in the company of enthusiastic professionals. 

Depending on the seasons, arrivals of flowers or according to the inspiration of the moment, joint definition of the theme addressed during the meeting.

Bouquets of wheat in Milan

In practice 

During the day – at the Atelier Raspail

In the evening – at 29 Richelieu

Count at least 2 hours

Workshops are open to a minimum of 6 participants

From 150€ per person

Possible privatization of the shop

Quote on request

Possible privatization of the shop

Quote on request


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