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Planting and shelf decoration with vases, dried flower arrangements and lanterns


Giving soul to spaces depending on events

Reception desk with plant shelf and fresh foliage
Plant and creative floral decoration of reception desk
Christmas decor with snow treneau fir Christmas balls L'Oréal
Christmas decor of chalets and plants for L’Oréal
Scenography and floral decor
Prestigious interior decorated with artistic plant composition
Creating a tree
Natural plant decor installed indoors


Maison Stéphane Chapelle brings your interiors to life with poetic or magical decorations, depending on the seasons, your events or the inspiration of the moment. Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, arrival of Spring, music festival, Christmas decorations, ... the House punctuates your highlights thanks to neat and elegant stagings


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Staging a Christmas decor with a tree

In practice 

Design of large scenography  

Realization and assembly in situ

Proposal of decorative objects, vases and containers in accordance with the project

Quote on request

Quote on request

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